Private Trust Companies

A private trust company, also known as a family trust company, an exempt trust company, or a family fiduciary services trust company, is an entity authorized to provide trust and fiduciary services to a single family as opposed to the general public.  For wealth held inside of irrevocable family trusts, a private trust company provides a forum for current and future generations of a wealthy family to discuss and influence the preservation and management of that wealth without having ownership for transfer tax purposes. 

In considering a private trust company, it is important for wealthy families to recognize that it is a highly specialized area of the law.  Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the laws of the various states and foreign jurisdictions that promote private trust companies, and they have assisted clients in forming private trust companies in several of these venues.  After formation, we continue to work closely with the private trust companies by providing a wide variety of legal advice. 

A big part of the success of a private trust company depends on a high standard of governance and a strong commitment of time and energy from current and future family members.  Our attorneys assure that our clients are put in the best possible position to make fully informed decisions as to whether or not a private trust company is the right fit for them.